A blog for a life long journey of Witchcraft in the eyes of a 20 year old Pagan

Playing With Nature


       Protection, psychic powers, money, and love
       Love and happiness


       Spirituality and protection


       Protection and sleep

       Prosperity, anti-hunger, and money

       Purification and prosperity

       Money, love, and healing

       Money, luck, and healing

       Protection and luck

       Love and spirituality

       Protection, and psychic powers

       Protection, and moderating anger

       Healing heartbreak, protection, and invisibility

       Health, protection, and healing

       Protection, healing, and visions

       Protection, purification, and youth

       Love, healing,  garden magic, and immortality


       Spirituality, and purify negativity


       Protection, prosperity, sea rituals, and health

       Eloquence, and anti-theft


       Purification and love

       Love, lust, and beauty



       Love, success, and healing

       Love, manifestations, protection, and healing

       Protection, luck, hex-breaking, and wishes

       Fertility, potency, and prosperity

       Luck and happiness

       Love, healing, and protection

       Love, wealth, and protection

   Bay Leaf:
       Protection, psychic powers, healing, and strength

       Protection, wart charming, reconciliation, and love


       Astral projection and visions

       Purification and prosperity

       Money and success

       Protection, purification, and love

       Protection, purification, and cleansing

       Psychic powers and fertility

       Protection and healing

       Healing, money, and protection

       Protection, sea spells, wind spells, and money


       Love, protection, and purification

   Blue Bell:
       Luck and truth


   Blue Flag:

       Fertility, protection, wisdom, and meditation

       Courage, and psychic powers

       Healing, rune magic, and prophetic dreams


       Image magic, money, and protection

       Protection and money

       Purification, protection, wind spells, and divination

       Psychic powers and prophetic dreams

       Protection, wishes, and legal matters

       Money and protection

       Protection and healing



       Protection and chastity

       Luck, healing, money, and protection


       Chastity, health, and divination

       Potency, lust, and luck

       Protection, lust, health, and mental powers

       Lust and love

       Protection, stregth, and healing

       Fertility and lust

       Legal matters, money, and potection



       Cat magic, love, beauty, and happiness

       Healing, purification, money, and protection

       Protection, escape, happiness, and legal matters

       Mental powers, lust, and psychic powers

       Snake removing

       Money, sleep, love, and purification

       Love and divination


       Love and fertility

       Removing obstacles, invisibility, and favors

       Fidelity, hex-breaking, and love

       Luck and change


       Luck and protection

       Spirituality, success, healing, power, and lust

       Money, protection, prophetic dreams, and sleep

       Psychic powers and healing

       Understand animal languages

       Protection, love, and money

       Protection, money, love, fidelity, success, and luck

   Club Moss:
       Protection and power

       Purification, protection, and potency

       Love and visions

       Courage and love

       Safety during travel and money

       Love and purification

       Love, healing, and health

       Protection, luck, and divination

       Psychic abilities

       Luck, healing, protection, rain, and fishing magic

       Healing, youth, and treasure finding

       Love and visions


       Fertility and love

       Chastity, healing, and fertility

       Protection and fidelity


       Fertility, protection, happiness, and lust

       Longevity, healing, comfort, and protection


       Love, fertility, and luck

       Lust and luck

       Lust, love, and visions

       Divination, wishes, and calling spirits

       Hex-breaking, sleep, and protection

   Deer's Tongue:
       Lust and psychic powers

   Devil's Shoestring:
       Protection, gambling luck, and employment

       Protection, money, lust, and luck

   Dittany of Crete:
       Manifestations and astral projection

       Healing, fertility, and money

       Love, divination, and knot magic


       Wishes and protection

   Dragon's Blood:
       Love, protection, and potency

       Lust and harmony

   Dutchman's Breeches:


       Protection and power

       Strengthening spells

       Invisiblity, and bullet-proofing

       Protection, healing, prosperity, and sleep

       Love, protection, and psychic powers


       Lust and love

       Traveler's luck, peace, lust, and healing

       Healing, and protection

       Mental powers and psychic power


       Protection, healing, and purification


       Rain making, protection, luck, riches, eternal youth, and health


       Divination, fertility, and love

       Health and protection

       Money, protection, beauty, psychic powers, and healing

       Protection and chastity


       Protection and spirituality


   Fuzzy Weed:
       Love and hunting


       Protection, lust, health, money, and hex-breaking

       Love, peace, healing, and spirituality

       Protection, healing, lust, and anti-theft

       Love and power

       Fertility, health, love, and protection

       Love, money, success, and power

       Love, wishes, healing, beauty, lust, and protection

   Goat's Rue:
       Healing and health

   Golden Rod:
       Money and divination

       Protection and money

   Gotu Kola:



   Grains of Paradise:
       Lust, luck, love, money, and wishes

       Fertility, garden magic, mental powers, and money

       Psychic powers and protection

   Ground Ivy:

       Health and healing


       Fertility, chastity, fishing magic, and happiness

       Luck, fertility, anti-lightening, protection, and wishes

       Protection, rain making, and luck

       Prophetic dreams, healing, invisibility, and wealth

   Hellebore Black:

       Destroy sexual drive

       Healing, love, vision, and meditation

       Love attraction


       Lust, love, and divination

       Legal matters

       Protection, anti-lightening, luck, dream magic, and balance

       Money and repelling monsters

       Money, psychic powers, and protection

       Healing and sleep

       Protection, mental powers, and healing

   Horse Chestnut:
       Money and healing

       Snake charming, fertility

       Luck, protection, and love

       Luck, protection, dream magic, and hex-breaking

       Love, protection, and happiness

       Purification and protection


   Indian Paint Brush:

       Purification and wisdom

   Irish Moss:
       Money, luck, and protection

       Protection and healing


       Love, money, and prophetic dreams

   Jobs Tears:
       Healing, wishes, and luck

   Joe Pye Weed:
       Love and respect

       Protection, anti-theft, love, and health


       Visions, protection, and luck

       Binding and health


   Lady's Mantle:
   Lady's Slipper:

       Protection and anti-theft

       Health and protection

       Love, protection, sleep, chastity, longevity, and peace

       Love and protection

       Longevity, purification, love, and friendship

       Repel snakes, lust, and psychic powers

   Lemon Verbena:
       Purification and love

       Chastity, protection, love, divination, and sleep

       Love, lust, and fidelity

   Life Everlasting:
       Longevity, health, and healing

       Protection and beauty

       Protection and breaking love spells

   Lily of the Valley:
       Mental powers, and happiness

       Healing, love, and protection

       Protection, immortality, luck, love, and sleep

   Liquid Amber:

       Protection and love

       Peace and protection

       Protection and lock opening


   Love Seed:
       Love and friendship

   Luck Hand:
       Employment, luck, protection, money, and travel


       Psychic and mental powers



   Mahogany (mountain):

       Beauty and love

   Male Fern:
       Luck and love

       Love and protection

       Protection, love, money, fertility, and health

       Love, longevity, and money

       Protection, prophetic dreams, and business matters

       Protection, love, happiness, health, money, and healing

       Strength, courage, and protection

       Psychic powers, manifestations, and lust

   May Apple:

   Meadow Rue:

       Love, divination, peace, and happiness


       Protection, love, prophetic dreams, and purification

       Money, love, luck, healing, travel, and protection

       Protection, love, hunting, fertility, and health

       Money and love

       Luck and money

       Money, love, strength, psychic powers, and protection

       Protection and strength

       Courage, protection, and mental powers

       Fertility, protection, and mental powers

       Protection, healing, and spirituality

       Love, fertility, youth, peace, and money


       Protection, healing, and lust

   Norfolk Island Pine:
       Protection and anti-hunger

       Fertility, prosperity, love, and luck


       Protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, and luck


       Healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection, and lust

       Protection, healing, money, prophetic dreams, and lust

       Love, divination, luck, and money


   Oregon Grape:
       Money and prosperity

   Orris Root:
       Love, protection, and divination


   Palm (date):
       Fertility and potency

       Love, rain magic, love, and divination

       Love and protection



       Love, protection, and purification

   Passion Flower:
       Peace, sleep, and friendship

       Money, fertility, and lust

     Money and love

       Love, longevity, fertility, and wishes

       Lust and love

       Money and employment

     Strength, protection, and peace



       Purification, sleep, love, healing, and psychic powers

   Pepper Tree:
       Purification, healing, and protection

       Love, lust, mental powers, money, and protection

       Changing sex, healing, and luck

   Plot Weed:


       Protection and health

       Healing, fertility, protection, and money

       Luck, money, and chastity

       Breaking love spells

       Healing, protection, strength, and snake repelling



       Courage, and hex-breaking

       Divination, luck, wishes, wealth, and fertility

       Money and flying

       Fertiliy, love, sleep, money, luck, and invisibility

       Image magic and healing

   Prickly Ash:

       Protection and love

       Sleep, love, luck, protection, and happiness



       Protection, love, and happiness


       Protection and lust



       Protection and love

   Rattlesnake Root:
       Protection and money

       Protection and fidelity

       Protection, rain, fertility, and money

       Protection, power, and divination

       Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, and divination

       Protection, love, lust, mental powers, and youth

       Psychic powers, healing, protection, power, and success

       Healing, health, mental powers, and love


       Love, healing, happiness, wind raising, and lust

       Immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection, and wishes


   St. John's Wort:
       Health, power, protection, strength, and love

       Protection, healing, and spirituality

       Love and money

   Savory (summer):
       Mental powers

       Health and money

       Love, fidelity, and peace


       Money and lust


   Skunk Cabbage:
       Legal matters

   Slippery Elm:
       Halts Gossip


       Luck and money


   Solomon's Seal:

   Sorrel Wood:
       Healing and health

   Southern Wood:
       Love, lust, and protection

   Spanish Moss:

       Healing, love, and mental powers



       Money, protection, and hex-breaking

   Star (anise):
       Psychic powers and luck

       Psychic powers

       Luck and image magic

       Love and luck

   Sugar Cane:
       Love and lust

       Love, luck, health, and psychic powers

       Calling spirits

   Sweet Pea:
       Friendship, chastity, courage, and strength




       Health and longevity

       Riches, courage, and strength

       Strength, protection, hex-breaking, and healing

       Health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, and courage

       Protection and healing

   Toad Flax:
       Protection and hex-healing

       Healing and purification


       Protection and ending relationships


   Urva Ursa:
       Psychic workings

       Love, sleep, purification, and protection

       Love, lust, and mental powers

   Venus Flytrap:
       Protection and love

       Love, protection, peace, youth, and sleep

   Vetch Giant:

       Love, hex-breaking, luck, money, and anti-theft

       Protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace, and healing


       Hex-breaking, courage, and success

       Health, mental powers, infertility, and wishes

   Wax Plant:

       Fertility and money

       Love, dvination, protection, and healing

       Protection, healing, and hex-breaking

   Winter Bark:

   Witch Grass:
       Happiness, lust, and love

   Witch Hazel:
       Protection and chastity

   Wolf's Bane:
       Protection and invisiblity

   Wood Rose:

   Wood Ruff:
       Victory, protection, and money

       Psychic powers, protection, love, and calling spirits


       Courage, love, and pyschic powers

   Yellow Evening Primrose;

   Yerba Mate:
       Fidelity, love, and lust

   Yerba Santa:
       Beauty, healing, and psychic powers

       Raising the dead

       Love and lust

       Transmutation, protection, and purification